- You want the best for your child. Do you know how best to help him/her?

- What are some of the best things to say to your child after a game?

- How to help balance current performance with future potential.

​- How to help improve your child's motivation.

Youth sport can provide highly positive experiences for everyone involved. It can also be an environment filled with animosity between adults and the athletes get stuck in the middle.


- At this level, fun and basic skill development are the objectives.

- Mental skills can be introduced to build a foundation for later years in school and life.

- Working through the balance between school, friends and sport is key.

Ludus is Latin for game, sport and school and that's what we do. We want to help you achieve your best performance!


- Sometimes things aren't broken, but they aren't really working either. Let's look for ways we can work together to help the kids.

- Stuck dealing with parent complaints? What do you do for parent education? You may be saying all the right things, but the parents aren't hearing you. 

- How to streamline rivalries among coaches and parents.

- Help getting parents, coaches and athletes in-line with the organization's mission and purpose.

- Help working with your Board of Directors to improve communication and help the kids you work with.

- What do you provide to your coaches for training to help them help the kids?

- Essentially, any problem you have consistently will continue to happen until you do something to change it.