Phone, Skype and Site visits are all possible. All questions are welcome. Let's find a way to help the people you work with perform better.

Ludus is Latin for game, sport and school and that's what we do. We want to help you achieve your best performance!

I am happy to announce I have recently joined Sanford's Sports Science Institute. This is a great collaboration as I joined a team of allied professionals that includes biomechanists, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and sports nutrition.  

Ludus Consulting was started to provide coaches and athletes help with their performance.

Formal certifications and degrees are great but questions still come up. Where do you go for those answers?

Every athlete, coach and sport is unique. We will do our best to provide you with specific options to help you and your team's performance.

Some clients make contact for a specific question-- Are there changes I should make as we prepare for the conference tournament?

Some clients are seeking fresh, independent eyes on their coaching habits and programs.

Playing and coaching experiences combined with degrees and certifications in both strength and conditioning and sport psychology mean I fully understand what it takes to be an athlete or a coach. Let's work together to improve your performance.