Coach Development: Providing tools to help coaches improve the performance of their athletes and a resource for when issues arise.

  • Coaching is tough! Where do you go for answers to questions? 
  • Coaches often coach how they were coached when they played. But could you do better?
  • Help with developing team leadership and your athletes' mental toughness.
  • Help managing player personalities and conflicts among your players or assistant coaches.

Ludus is Latin for game, sport and school and that's what we do. We want to help you achieve your best performance!

Coach Evaluation: Providing independent coach evaluation using data other than win-loss records.

  • Allows Athletic Directors to get an independent report on coach performance.
  • Process can be done entirely online.
  • Shows the impacts coaches have on their athletes.
  • Brings coach evaluation closer to how teachers are evaluated.
  • Can be a guide for improved coach performance.

For Athletes: Providing tools to raise performance.

  • What do you say to yourself during training or competition? Is it helping you?
  • What goals do you have for this week, month, game, season?
  • Do you find yourself overly nervous before competition?
  • These are just some of the examples we can work on improving to elevate your performance.