• ​Focusing on athlete outcomes
  • Utilizing a published questionnaire
  • Based on athlete responses
  • Can be done 100% online
  • Sample Report

Coach and Program Evaluation for Performance Enhancement

Ludus is Latin for game, sport and school and that's what we do. We want to help you achieve your best performance!

Development Plan:

  • ​Can be combined with other options
  • Information gained through the other pieces is used to create coach-specific development plans
  • Identified concerns can be specifically targeted for improvement
  • ​Includes a summative report

Guided Reflection:

  • ​Can be combined with a Basic option
  • Guided reflection is with the coach via a series of interviews
  • Purpose is to look beyond short-term and emotional pieces to uncover what really happened this season
  • Includes a summative report

Well-designed meaningful coach evaluation, that recognizes both strengths and areas for improvement, is a critical part of ongoing coach and program development. Conversely, coach evaluation that is ill-conceived, superficial or focused only on deficiencies is not only a waste of valuable time but erodes trust and commitment to getting better. 

As a coach, how do you know if your coaching is improving? Do you want to be evaluated only on wins and losses? How do you know what to fix without feedback?

When was the last time you systematically evaluated your program? Coaches, athletes, administrators... we all fall into the trap of tradition and convention. That doesn't mean that is best for the current team. Having someone come in and look at practices, culture, organization with fresh eyes can provide a fresh perspective.

Dr. Gillham has partnered with Coach Evaluator making their software suite the Official Coach Evaluation Software of Ludus Consulting. Coach Evaluator's suite of tools are fully customizable and mobile device supported allowing for a range of options to collect data to help your program improve and grow. 


  • ​Everything in the Basic option
  • Summative report
  • Customized to gather additional information:
    • ​Athlete variables
    • Questions specific to a certain coach
    • Questions specific to a certain team/ organization